Terry Jones censured

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Originally Published in The Orange County Register

FULLERTON, Ahsan M. Khan: I was pleased to learn that the World Evangelical Alliance condemned the recent burning of the Quran by Pastor Terry Jones. Jones burned the Quran to protest the recent death sentence imposed by the Iranian government on a pastor accused of preaching to Muslims. He claimed that this was his way of protesting.

Afghanistan was pushed to the brink of chaos last April after the first incident of Quran burning by Jones. As a Muslim I condemn both Jones’ reprehensible actions, as well the violent responses by the Afghani Muslims. Muhammad never defamed other religions nor did he respond with violence when his religion was abused. Similarly, responding to attacks on religion with violence goes against the teachings of Jesus.

After careful study of the true teachings of Islam and Christianity, any argument to the contrary simply goes up in flames.

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