Article I: Name & Objectives

Section 1: The name of this society shall be MAJLIS ANSAR SULTAN-UL-QALAM, USA.  The name indicates a revival of the organization of the same name founded at Qadian, India by Hadhrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih II (ra).

Section 2: The objectives of the Organization shall be:

A. To advance the study and dissemination of the Holy Quran, Ahadith, and the writings of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi who was named Sultan-ul-Qalam (“King of the Pen”) by Allah al- Alim;

B.  To respond rapidly to media coverage of Islam through letter-writing campaigns.

C.  To respond systematically to critics of Islam through scholarly rejoinders. The group endeavors to defend the honor and sanctity of Islam by waging a “jihad of the pen.”

D. To assist the Taleem Department of MKA USA with the design, promotion, and management of educational programs for the Jama’at (community) and its auxiliary bodies;

E. To encourage research and writing from the Islamic perspective in the social science fields, including theology, philosophy, ethics, history, sociology, civics, economics, anthropology, law, and education;

F. To sponsor the translation of writings of the Promised Messiah from Arabic, Persian, and Urdu to English;

G. To enrich the body of Islamic literature in the English language with writings by Ahmadi Khuddam (youth) relative to the challenges of Western culture and society;

H. To promote Ahmadi Khuddam (youth) contributions to The Muslim Sunrise.

I. To establish a Literary Fund to enable the Organization to understand and realize its worthy objectives.

Article II: Membership

Section 1: Active membership shall be afforded to members of MKA USA residing permanently in the United States, who submit an official “Expression of Interest” to the Chairman.

Section 2: Requirements for membership shall be fixed by the Board and include a standard of education and literary ability with evidence of such work on behalf of MKA USA.

Section 3: Honorary members shall be those persons meeting the criteria but who are not Khuddam (youth). The Board shall seek to confer such memberships upon those Ahmadis who are striving vigorously with the Pen throughout the United States.

Section 4: Associate membership may be awarded to persons outside the Jama’at in recognition of support and contributions to the cause of Islam.

Section 5: Active membership will be annually renewable and members will be expected to work diligently to meet the Organization’s objectives as a condition of renewal.

Article III: Governing Board

Section 1: The direction and management of THE MUSLIM WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA OR MAJLIS ANSAR SULTAN-UL-QALAM, USA shall be in the hands of a Governing Board, to be the executive and policy-making body.

Section 2: The officers comprising the Board shall be:

  1. CHAIRMAN – presiding officer elected for two years at the annual meeting, eligible for re-election;
  2. VICE CHAIRMAN – to be the manager of programs, activities, and local organization;
  3. SECRETARY – administrator and general editor, manager of membership, finance, and correspondence.

Section 3: The Vice Chairman and the Secretary are appointed by the Chairman. Other staff deemed sufficient and necessary to the operation of the Organization may be appointed by the Chairman, but they are not automatically members of the Board.

Section 4: Additional Board members may be elected from the Active members by majority vote of the Governing Board.
Board members’ terms expire with that of the Chairman, but they are eligible for re-election.

Section 5: The Chairman may organize committees to carry out specific projects. A Chairman and members will be named when the committee and its tasks are announced.

Article IV: Administration

Section 1: The Secretary shall establish an official address for the Organization and receive all applications, contributions, inquiries, and correspondence.

Section 2: The Chairman shall cause to be published a Membership Directory and Annual Report of the Organization’s work, a copy  of which shall be submitted to the Sadr MKA USA and circulated among the membership.

Section 3: The initiation fee for new members and an annual renewal dues shall be fixed by the Board and used only to defray organizational and publishing expenses. Annual dues shall be payable on or before the anniversary date of the individual member.

Section 4: The Secretary will maintain the accounts of the Organization and will submit an annual report. Every two years, the auditor of MKA USA will be invited to inspect the accounts of the Organization.

Section 5: The Literary Fund will be utilized for the publication of the MASQ e-newsletter and the sponsorship of translations of the writings of the Promised Messiah, and will be maintained as a custodian account in the MKA USA general account.

Section 6: The Secretary will make a record of all proceedings of the Board, and prepare an ongoing Chronicle of the Organization.

Section 7: Three or more Active members may petition the Board for the establishment of a Chapter. The Vice Chairman should be satisfied that all criteria are met and then report on the petition to the Board. Chapters must strictly adhere to all Islamic precepts in their activities and must generally follow the mandates of MKA USA.

Section 8: Upon approval of the petition, a Chapter coordinator, designated the Chapter Chairman, shall be appointed to head the Chapter. There shall be no other standing officers. The Chapter Chairman will organize the work by committee and appoint chairmen
for the projects.

Section 9: Chapters may frame bylaws to specify such details as meeting schedules local dues, and projects. Bylaws must conform to these Governing Articles of the Organization and be approved by the Vice Chairman.


Rizwan Alladin, Sadr, MKA USA