Sharp Response to his Bigotry is Heartening

Abdul NaseerAbdul Naseer is a PhD candidate in Theoretical Physics at The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. He is also the president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association at his University. He has published in local newspapers such [...]

COMMENTARY: Blasphemy charges pervert Islam’s teachings

Qasim RashidQasim received his JD from Richmond Law and his BSc from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He publishes regularly in national and international outlets including USA Today, Washington Post, and NPR. Qasim currently blogs for [...]

Tragedy can bring country together

Saiyed Kaashif Ahmad Qaderi Originally Published in the Dailyherald.com Living in this beautiful country grants us freedom. But unfortunately, the land of the free isn’t free of horrific tragedies. The senseless and brutal killings [...]

We must unite to protect children

Tariq MalikTariq is completing a Bachelors degree in Islamic Studies from the Ohio State University. He will be graduating in Winter 2012. Tariq has published in the Washington Times, Detroit Free Press, Denver Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer [...]

Respond peacefully to anti-Islam ads

Saiyed Kaashif Ahmad Qaderi Originally published in The DailyHerald.com Pamela Geller has tactlessly taken constitutionally protected “free speech” to a whole new level of offense. She has put thousands of dollars into ads [...]

Pakistan must rid itself of sadistic regime

Sardar Anees AhmadAnees is pursuing a JD and has a B.A. in Economics. He publishes in local, national and international periodicals, currently has a monthly column in The Finger Lakes Times, and runs the AAMS-USA science blog. He served as [...]
Old City from the Mount of the Olives

The relentless chaos in the Middle East

Zahir MannanZahir is a young researcher and Professional Development Team associate trainer. He serves as the Faith Outreach Director of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community CT Chapter, and Follow-up Coordinator for 1-800-WHY-ISLAM. He studies biological [...]

Bus ads promote hatred of Muslims

Saad AhmadSaad Ahmad received his Bachelors degree from University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. He has published in various newspapers and has served as a community member on the Oshkosh Northwestern newspaper editorial board. He maintains his [...]
Violence Free Speech

Violence Violates Free Speech and Islam

Harris ZafarPublic speaker, writer, news commentator about Islam. Adjunct Instructor. National Spokesperson of one of the oldest Muslim organizations in US: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Originally Published in The Huffington Post “Over [...]
Walk For Humanity USA

The Right Response to Offensive Movie

Khalid HusainKhalid Husain, in sixth grade, is the first “young” Muslim Writers Guild of America member to have published in a major American Newspaper. Originally Published in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. This 12 year old Muslim-American [...]