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Originally published on Syraquse.com With the holidays around the corner, how must one feel when one moment they’re happily purchasing gourmet chocolate for their families, and the next they’re taken hostage and forced to hold up what is believed to be an ISIS flag. Because of such militant groups, there


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Originally Published in The Charlotte Observer – The rate at which some vulnerable youth are becoming brain-washed into believing ISIS propaganda calls for a serious dialogue on the issue. Any youth contemplating joining ISIS should bear in mind that the barbaric killings of Christians, destruction of ancient artifacts and murder


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Originally Published on the Jsonline.com   A chord has struck with every parent in America – and possibly the world – after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Connecticut. Like all other parents, I find myself thinking, “It could have been my child.” We need to make laws that will


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Originally Published on Thenorthwestern.com   I read with interest Mr. Lyle Conrad’s letter on December 3, in which he sought interfaith dialogue with local area Muslims. At the same time he attributed something to Islam which I, as a Muslim, wanted to clarify. Muslims consider Jesus to be a prophet


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Originally Published in Hartfordfavs.com The recent film “Innocence of Muslims” which sparked riots and protests around the Muslim world was not the worst or last deranged attempt to ignite unjust hatred. Indeed, since Prophet Muhammad’s birth to a beautiful couple named Aminah and Abdullah, the meek, poor, unlettered orphan of Arabia’s desert has tearfully been


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Originally Published in Mercurynews.com Four Californian Muslims have been arrested on account of their plans to join the Taliban and kill Americans. This comes as a big hit to me as a 23-year-old Californian Muslim. Like most Muslims, I wholly condemn these people. But as a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim

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Originally Published in The Hartford Courant. This holiday season, many of us gather around a table to enjoy good food and company for the sake of Thanksgiving. But how do we really show that we are thankful? As American Muslims of the Ahmadiyya Community, we believe the best way for

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Originally Posted on The Hartford FAVS Instead of shopping this Black Friday, why don’t we consider the ones who lost everything? My Ahmadi Muslim brothers had the best response after Hurricane Sandy devasted homes. We traveled to New York and joined volunteers with Humanity First and the American Red Cross. We

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Originally Published in The Daily Herald In recent months, we have witnessed an upsurge of anger that has swept throughout the Muslim world — in response to extremely crude acts by anti-Islam elements. It is now incumbent upon the world at large to respond, especially politicians who have failed to place

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Originally Published in The San Francisco Chronicle As a member of the international Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I wish to appeal to all Muslims to exercise restraint and patience, for Quran says God is with the patient. Secondly, Quran says not to create disorder on earth whether it is simple misdemeanor or of felonious