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Film reaction wasn’t proper response of good Muslims

Imran HayeeM. Imran Hayee is a professor and director of graduate studies in the electrical engineering department at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Originally Published in The Duluth News Tribune Let me begin with a history lesson. [...]
Violence Free Speech

Violence Violates Free Speech and Islam

Harris ZafarPublic speaker, writer, news commentator about Islam. Adjunct Instructor. National Spokesperson of one of the oldest Muslim organizations in US: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Originally Published in The Huffington Post “Over [...]

Muhammad used prayer as defense

Hassan MirzaHassan is a currently a high school student in Columbus, Ohio. He strongly believes in community service and loves to volunteer at food drives and take part in community cleanups. Hassan loves to write and aspires to become a lawyer [...]
Freedom of Speech - megaphone

Freedom of speech comes with responsibility

Umair AhmedA graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Umair presently works as a Senior PeopleSoft Analyst at Oracular. He also serves on the national board of MKAUSA. Originally Published in The Oshkosh Northwestern. Freedom [...]
Khalifa of Islam

A lack of leadership in the Muslim world

Abdul NaseerAbdul Naseer is a PhD candidate in Theoretical Physics at The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. He is also the president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association at his University. He has published in local newspapers such [...]

Muslims should ignore incitements to violence

Sohail HusainDr Sohail Z. Husain is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a Pediatric Gastroenterologist and head of a scientific laboratory that investigates new treatment paradigms for the painful disease [...]

Islam does not approve of violence

Hassan MahmoodHassan Mahmood is a student at Texas A&M University. His email is hassanm10s@gmail.com. Originally Published in The Eagle. I am an American, born and raised in Texas. I have grown up singing The Star Spangled Banner, Texas [...]
Movie Protests

Film provoked Muslim violence

Usama KhanUsama Khan is currently a senior in high school. He lives in Columbus, Ohio and wants to go to The Ohio State University to pursue medicine as a career. Usama aspires use his pen in spreading the true message of Islam through the [...]

Price of freedom of speech can be high

Sohaib AwanSohaib Awan is currently serving as the Chairman of the Muslim Writers Guild of America. He also serves as the local secretary for the Columbus Chapter of the leading Muslim Youth Organization, MKA USA. He is currently in a six year [...]
Pakistan Riots

Muslims – the riots must drain out

Waqas MalikWaqas Malik is the Vice President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Seattle. He has presented at the University of Washington, and at schools, mosques, temples, and churches on diverse topics concerning faith and the philosophy of [...]