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San Jose Mercury-News [email protected]324,500 (daily), 415,200 (Sunday)South Bay 
Los Angeles Times[email protected]653,868Los Angeles
San Francisco Examineron site65,000 (Monday – Wednesday, Friday), 155,011 (Thursday), 255,002 (Sunday)San Fransico and surrounding Bay Area 
The San Diego Union-Tribuneon site121,321 (daily), 160,154 (Sunday)San Diego
San Fransisco Chronicle on site164,820 (daily), 227,073 (Sunday)Bay Area
Sacramento Beeon site122,600 (Daily), 225,343 (Sunday)south to Stockton, north to Oregon border, east to Reno, west to San Francisco Bay Area
Orange County Register [email protected]80,000 (daily), 180,000 (Sunday) Orange County
Fresno Beeon site157,546 (daily), 180,043 (Sunday)Central California
The Press-Enterprise [email protected]Riverside and San Bernardino Counties