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Instructions: Each of these items are required to attend the MASQ (Muslim Writers Guild of America) Conference.

1. Bring a laptop with a charger cable. If you do not have one, bring a notebook and a pen.

2. Dress is business casual. This means no ripped jeans, no t shirts, no unprofessional attire. At a minimum, a collared dress shirt and a cap is required of all attendees.

3. Make sure you are up to date on your MKA Chanda before attending.

4. Write a letter to Khalifatul Masih (aba). Relate to Huzoor (aba) that you are attending per his guidance to become active in MASQ. Request Huzoor’s (aba) prayers for a successful MASQ Conference and for your success as a writer in defense of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (sa).

5. Offer at least one Tahujjed before attending in which you pray specifically for your own success as a writer, and for Allah’s help.

Each of these five matters should be completed by or before attending the MASQ Conference. Jazakallah.



10:00am         Recitation & English Translation of the Holy Qur’an 96:1-6

10:05am         Welcome Address By Local Jamaat Sadr

10:10am         Welcome Address by Host Qaid

10:15am         Chairman’s Address

10:45am         MASQ History – Sohaib Awan

11:00am         How To Write a Letter to the Editor – Sardar Anees Ahmad

11:50pm         How Twitter & Social Media Maximize Impact – Kashif N Chaudhry

12:15pm         Salat

12:40pm         Lunch

1:20pm         Write, Edit, and Send Out Letters On Site

3:55pm         Reconvene for Closing Remarks

4:00pm         Dua and End Conference

Harrisburg Venue:   Hadee Mosque, 245 Division Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110


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