The Scarlet Bandana The ‘Cause of Allah’ Is Also Justice and Equity


Originally published in Santa Barbara Independent He wore a red bandana. Despite seeing the blood of those dying around him, he decided to go back into the smoky building. Despite the noise of the stricken building, his soothing voice calmed the injured. Despite being just a young 24-year-old among fleeing civilians, he was found buried among firefighters, emergency personnel, and other heroes...

Muslims also are building a better America


Originally published in NewsDay Sept. 11 changed everything — for America and its Muslims. Thousands were killed in the attack — nearly 500 from Long Island — leaving scores of families and friends with gaping wounds. And for Muslims, who were average Americans a day earlier, public scrutiny bore down like never before. In the 13 years since the terror attacks, Muslims: have...

A Book Worth Reading – Ramadan Also Means a Time to Ponder the Qur’an


Originally published in Santa Barbara Independent   While Ramadan may be known as the month Muslims restrict their caloric consumption, Ramadan is also the month the Qur’an came into being. Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad began to receive revelations of the Qur’an in the lunar month of Ramadan. Muslims further believe the angel Gabriel repeated the portions of the Qur’an revealed up to...