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Sandy Hook Elementary: Where Scar Killed Simba


Originally Published in The Huffington Post Last week, I was taking pictures at my son’s elementary school’s winter concert. The kindergartners were dressed as elephants, monkeys and other animals; my son was wearing the zebra costume. The children were singing; the parents were clapping. It was like watching The Lion King on Broadway. Then on Friday, as I was getting those pictures...

Give Afghanistan Schools Today (or Don’t Blame Islam Tomorrow)


Originally Published in The Huffington Post After a gruesome reelection campaign, President Obama should unwind. And instead of playing basketball, he should watch a movie. How about the 2007 biographical drama, “Charlie Wilson’s War”? It’s about the period when the United States was leaving Afghanistan after wrapping up its covert anti-Soviet operation there. Tom Hanks...

Why Elect Students to the Board of Education


Originally Published in The Huffington Post There are many similarities between the candidates vying for the District 5 seat on the Prince George’s County (Maryland) Board of Education: they are both women, both members of minority groups, both long-term residents of the county and both highly qualified. Yet there is a key difference: Age. Raaheela Ahmad is the 19-year-old maverick...