Seeking religious freedom


Originally published in The Santa Clarita Valley Signal The United States government recently launched the Ahmadiyya Muslim Caucus chaired by veteran Republican Congressman Frank Wolf. The caucus will strive to secure religious freedom for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which suffers from severe persecution in some Muslim countries. Ahmadi Muslims number around 20,000 in America and tens of...

Ahmadiyya Muslim Caucus will fight religious persecution


Originally published in The Cap Times Progress is marvelous, especially when it is in regard to extending basic human rights such as religious freedom and tolerance for all. On Feb. 28 the Ahmadiyya Muslim Caucus was launched with the purpose of fighting religious persecution of not only Ahmadi Muslims, but people around the world. The bipartisan leadership of Virginia Republican Frank Wolf and...

The Ahmadiyya Congressional Caucus


Originally published in The Santa Barbara Independent The impetus of the United States was but a handful of pilgrims fleeing from religious persecution. Since the founding of this great nation in 1776, freedom of religion has been etched into the fabric of our Constitution and impressed by our leaders. George Washington once said, “Every man … ought to be protected in worshiping the Deity...