Muslims are not fighting America


Originally published in The Roanoke Times “Make America Great Again!” a quote used by the GOP front runner Donald Trump repeatedly where he is aiming supposedly to make America great but so far all we have heard from the candidate is to ban Muslims or remove Muslims from America. I would like to let Trump know that it is not the Muslims that America is at war with but it’s this radical extremist...

Three Steps Toward Defeating ISIS That Are Better Than Those Heard At Last Night’s Debate


Originally published in The Daily Caller Last night, those vying for the Republican nomination spent two hours arguing why they would make this nation more safe and secure than anyone else on the stage. Aside from the false or gray statements that are already being debunked by fact checkers, I was amazed by the general solution being proposed to stop the growth and terror of Daesh (otherwise...

A real leader wouldn’t stigmatize Muslims


Originally published in CNN Sunday morning, my hope for the next presidency changed to disbelief after Dr. Ben Carson’s interview on “Meet the Press” when he boldly stated his belief that Islam is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and a Muslim should never be elected as president of the United States. I sat in disbelief because this is the season when candidates for office...