Muslim community embraces free worship, duties of citizenship


Originally published in The Northwestern “I solemnly pledge that I shall always be ready to sacrifice my life, wealth, time and honor for the sake of my faith, country and nation.” These are the monumental words that Ahmadi Muslim youth, whether male or female, profess as part of their pledge to their faith all across the United States of America. There are thousands of Ahmadi Muslim youth that...

A follow-up: Islam embraces gender equality


Originally published in The Duluth News Tribune Part of the feedback on my April 6th opinion editorial, “Quran forbids men from hurting wives,” indicates a mistaken inference by some that the Holy Quran gives a husband the right to control his wife, making them unequal partners in marriage. While empathizing with those who felt that way, I would like to clarify that the Holy Quran does not allow...