Oshkosh mosque holding Ramadan food drive


Originally published in The Northwestern On Sunday Muslims all over the world began fasting to observe the month of Ramadan. For the next thirty days, physically capable Muslims will forgo all food and drink from sunrise to sunset. Children, sick and the elderly are exempt from fasting. Fasting is much more than just suffering hunger and thirst. The true spirit of fasting is to appreciate the...

Christmas, Ramadan: Holidays with similarities


Originally published in the Tulsa World It’s nearly July, so I feel it appropriate that I should bring your attention to Christmas, or at least what many of my friends label as ‘Christmas for Muslims’. Although some people have a problem with this comparison, and while there are many differences between the Muslim month of Ramadan and Christmas, the true spirit of both these holidays has many...

North Korea Needs Food


Originally published in Hartford Courant   Over the past 60 years, Americans have had a long-standing tension with North Korea, which seemed to have culminated in the past couple weeks with the recent threats of nuclear war. Recent reports have detailed that North Korea is suffering from food shortages. If America truly wants to heal its relationship with this enemy, then we should stand on...