Hirsi Ali, Why Do You Declare War on Me?


Originally published in the Huffington Post My name is Kashif Chaudhry. I am a Pakistani immigrant to the United States. Currently, I am completing a Cardiology fellowship in Boston. While speaking at Yale a few days back, Ayaan Hirsi Ali declared war on me. But why? To provide some perspective, I am a Muslim who belongs to the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the single...

Hirsi Ali: telling a critic from an Islamophobe


Originally published in Pakistan Daily News Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somali-born US citizen who is known — among other things — for her radical views on Islam. Her supporters consider her a leading critic, while many others believe she is guilty of Islamophobia and bigotry. I think she is a perfect case to educate people on the difference between the two. Hirsi Ali immigrated to the Netherlands in...