Kim Davis May Be Wrong, But So Is Demonizing Her For Her Convictions


Originally published in The Daily Caller   It is difficult to carry a dialogue with a person who attacks your character. This came to light again last week as my social media feed spiked with memes, tweets, and posts mocking Kim Davis’ appearance, looks, weight, and marriage history. Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who has stated that she is willing to go to jail for the sake of her religious...

For the love of my Country, I disagree with Obama


Originally Published in The Philadelphia Inquirer As an Ahmadi Muslim, I oppose the president’s position on gay marriage. Islam teaches us to be kind to other human beings. Therefore, discriminating against a gay person would be a violation of my faith. However, the Quran also reminds us of the people of prophet Lot, who practiced homosexuality. After countless warnings, Lot’s people were...