Boko Haram’s version of Islam isn’t real


Originally published in Dallas News Yet again, a terrorist organization defaces the beautiful religion of Islam with their heinous actions. This time we are in Nigeria, where so-called “Muslims” from Boko Haram abducted 276 schoolgirls because they claim Islam disallows the education of women. You can read that over and over again because I can’t wrap my head around the logic behind this. As a...

Fasting isn’t simply starving


Originally published in Minnesota Daily   “Wait, so why do you have to starve yourself?” is the question I would always get during Ramadan at my school. I would have to explain that keeping away from food is only a part of the fast. During Ramadan, which began July 8 this year, Muslims turn away from food as a means to detach themselves from the physical world. Doing so allows us to focus on...