Offensive in Gaza unjust, as is terrorism


Originally published in¬†Lancaster Eagle-Gazette   n 1943, Nazi forces in Poland rounded up roughly 300,000 Jews and packed them into an area of 3.3-square kilometers in central Warsaw. Prisoners endured horrendous conditions and, load-by-load, were taken to Treblinka extermination camp to meet their end. One group among them, however, refused to be defeated. And so ensued the Warsaw Ghetto...

Salvation Debate…Settled?


  Originally Published in the Rochester-Hills Patch   I am a Muslim. And since the age of 15, I have immersed myself in religious studies finding Christianity the most fascinating. I have read the New Testament cover to cover,¬†found countless arguments in favor and against Christian Doctrine, and spent more time in Churches then I have in my own Mosque discussing these points. With that...