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Muslims celebrate Ramadan’s passing


Published in the Richmond Times Dispatch on June 22nd 2017: As the month of Ramadan came to an end, Muslims everywhere celebrated with Eid al-Fitr. Typically, Eid is a time for reflection on a month dedicated to abstaining from sin. Muslims fill the month by giving back to their communities and to the needy. This Ramadan was no different as countless Muslims around the world gave food, clothes...

America, Ramadan Kareem


Originally Posted on The Huffington Post If you know a Muslim, you are sure to have heard about Ramadan and the tradition of fasting in Islam. Ramadan is the ninth and holiest month of the Islamic calendar. Millions of Muslims across the country and many more across the world will spend the month fasting. Even though it is singular in its details, the practice of fasting as a form of spiritual...