Originally Published in the Star Tribune The inflammatory comments made by Big Stone County Republican Party chairman Jack Whitley, and the subsequent developments, made me, as an American Muslim, appreciate how fortunate I am to reside in this country (“FB posts cost GOP boss day job,” Nov. 25). From the

Originally published in Springfield Republican On July 15, Imtiaz Ahmad was shot and killed in front of his shop in Nawabshah, Pakistan. Mr. Ahmad, 38, passed away while being rushed to the hospital. He leaves behind his father, wife and three children. The death of this innocent man is sadly not uncommon in

Originally published in OnFaith Last week, I read with great interest Herb Silverman’s column describing six events that led him to believe that “Islam is the worst and most dangerous religion by all human rights standards.” Although I believe Islamophobia to be a real phenomenon, I do not consider Mr. Silverman to

Originally published in Journal Inquirer   This Muslim-American was appalled to read that Buddhist monks in Burma led by Ashin Wirathu, a priest who calls himself “the Burmese bin Laden,” are bent on exterminating the Rohingya ethnic minority explicitly because they are Muslims. It is well-known that the founder of Buddhism,