4 reasons why Ramadan is a great time to talk to a Muslim


Originally published in the New Haven Register   Have you ever passed by a Muslim woman with a headscarf and wanted to ask her what motivates her to live out her faith?     Have you ever thought to strike up a conversation with a Muslim colleague over his views on Muslim extremists in the news?     But were you too afraid to ask? Or maybe the moment wasn’t right.  ...

Muslim American Appeals For Pastor’s Release


Originally published in The Courant This Muslim American was outraged to hear that the Iranian government sentenced Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini to prison for eight years merely for preaching Christianity. The Quran condemns this action. In a remarkable verse, it states that “there is no compulsion in matters of faith, because right is distinct from wrong (2:257).” If the Iranian...

Extremists don’t know real meaning of jihad


Originally published in New Haven Register “All is fair in love and war.” Sixteenth century English poet John Lyly’s famous proverb means that the rules of fairness don’t count under special circumstances. In more recent times, you might remember the famous line “by any means necessary” that Malcolm X used to describe his view on the civil rights movement. The...