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The Double Standard


Originally published in the Longview News-Journal Another mass shooting in San Bernardino and far too many this year alone. Our sincere condolences to the families of those who have lost their loved ones and we wish the injured a speedy recovery. Although the perpetrators of mass shootings are of varied background, the actions of those with Muslim names are easily attributed to Islam, which...

The Islamic State group is not part of Islam


Originally published on the Pittsburgh Post Gazette I was extremely saddened and hurt when I found out about the attacks in Paris and Beirut, which resulted in the loss of more than 170 lives. The perpetrators did this under the guise of Islam and by loudly proclaiming “Allaho Akbar,” which literally means God is the greatest. But their actions were brutal, inhumane and of a very low standard. My...

Double standard in who is called a ‘terrorist’


Originally published in The Boston Globe AS A Muslim American, I am tired of the double standard when it comes to media coverage of violence not committed by “Muslims.” If Craig Stephen Hicks was a Muslim and the three victims were white, the headlines would be filled with “Muslims” and “terrorist.” But no, this execution-style killing of three students in their home was due to a “parking dispute...