Learn about Ramadan to help further understand your Muslim neighbors


Originally published in Dallas Morning News   For the next 30-odd days, thousands of Muslims within the D-FW metroplex will not touch a morsel of food or drink from dawn to sunset. In the Islamic calendar, the month of Ramadan is a special time for Muslims, during which they are encouraged to be more observant in the practice of their faith, give more to charity and reduce conflict among...

Jihadis’ death toll: Struggling to understand


Originally published in NY Post   I wish to express my gratitude to Qanta Ahmed for her incisive article on the role of “jihad” in Islam (“Forget About Motive,” PostOpinion, April 30). Her article helped me see through the miasma of what is now called jihad so as to appreciate the valid need for the “lesser jihad” and the grandeur of the “greater jihad.” Judaism, Christianity and Islam all...