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Originally published in Erie The Islamic State militant group committed yet another gruesome act by burning a Jordanian pilot alive, and then publishing the horrific video online.   This act is completely outside the teachings of Islam. The life history of Prophet Muhammad tells us a different story. When the Meccans


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Originally published in The Baltimore Sun Black History month is an important time to commemorate the accomplishments of blacks around the world; it is also a time to remember and address the unresolved issues in our society dealing with race. Last year highlighted several issues which, despite the successes of


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Originally published in The Post Black History Month is a very special month for a multitude of reasons. It serves not only as a time of celebration of accomplishments, but also as an important reminder to reflect on our current disparities in racial equality. This includes many of the recent claims


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Originally Published in The Austin Chronicle  Dear Editor, The shooting outside an event in Garland where people were asked to draw cartoons of Prophet Muhammad should be condemned by all. Islam does not condone any punishment for blasphemy. In fact, during the Prophet Muhammad’s life, people hurled all kinds of


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Originally published in the Las Vegas Sun he Islamic State has been making headlines since last year. The group is known for coercion, kidnapping and ruthless public beheadings of innocent civilians, all in the name of creating a caliphate across Iraq and Syria. Furthermore, the Islamic State generates revenue to

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Originally published in The Washington Times A young man was fatally shot in front of his shop a few days ago in Nawabshah, Pakistan. Imtiaz Ahmad was an Ahmadi Muslim and the youth leader of his local chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. He leaves behind his wife, three sons and father. It

honoring ramadan

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Originally published in Star Telegram As we find ourselves in the Islamic month of Ramadan, I do not lament the hours of thirst or hunger but rather, look forward to the ability to purify myself spiritually, mentally and physically. Ramadan serves as reminder to Muslims of the plight of the


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Originally published in Time Islam places immense emphasis on privacy in ways that Western governments today have only begun to match with privacy laws. Whether it’s a legal scholar or a 7-year-old child that’s bullied on the playground, it’s hard to argue with this Harvard Law Review definition of privacy


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Originally published in On Faith To  Abubakar Shekau and all members of Jama’at Ahl-e-Sunnah Lidda’awa wal-Jihad: I begin with the Islamic greeting of peace – Asalaamo Alaikum (may peace be on you). I have watched for nearly a month as your group (most commonly known as Boko Haram) has been gaining more international


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Originally published in The Washington Times April 15 usually reminds me as an accountant of taxes, but this year I remembered the horrific events of the Boston Marathon tragedy, where Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, claiming to be Muslims, mercilessly harmed more than 260 people. As a Muslim, I cannot understand