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AuthorIftekhar Ahmad

Iftekhar Ahmad is a radiation oncologist practicing in Rockford, IL. He currently serves as the President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association's Chicago NW chapter located in Glen Ellyn, IL. Dr. Ahmad also serve as the Director of Pubic Affairs for the Northern IL region, dealing with political issues on a local, state, and national level as it pertains to the Ahmaddiyya Muslim Community.

Don’t forget about the Muslims who actually follow the teachings of Islam

Originally published on Patheos This is a challenging time for all Muslims in America as the despicable actions of a few put Islam in a terrible light. This situation is not made any easier when there is blatant hate being spread by educated members of society. Recently Joe Walsh, a former US Congressman of Illinois, put a video on his Facebook page where he says, “I think Islam has a real...

Islam being hijacked by extremists

I was angered to hear about the cowardly attack that occurred in Garland, Texas. I say cowardly because the peaceful religion of Islam was used for the justification of this heinous act. I say angered because I am tired of my religion being hijacked by extremists. Though I may not agree with the American Freedom Defense Initiative, violence towards them is not the answer. The Quran not only...