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AuthorBilal Rana

Bilal Rana is a Physician by profession and is the father of five children. He is currently serving as President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, USA.

Letter to an American-Muslim Child

Originally published in Patheos My dear son, Assalaamo Alaikum With all that’s going on, it’s time for a father-son talk.  A lot of people are saying Muslims are bad.  I want you to know you’ve done nothing wrong and have no reason to be ashamed.  You see, sometimes we adults forget what it’s like to be a child. Mark Twain once wrote “Nothing that troubles us can be called little.  A child’s loss...

Muslim Detained on a Flight: I’m Your Biggest Ally

Originally published on Time.com I’m a Muslim American. On Nov. 15, two days after the Paris attacks, I boarded a plane from Newark to Houston. I had just returned from a formal event, so I was wearing a plain white “shalwar,” a shirt that stops at the knees and is commonly worn by South Asians. As is my routine, I purchased in-flight WiFi to catch up on emails. But the WiFi was out on the plane...