Mohammad Ahmad

Mohammad Ahmad

Originally published on the Statesman As a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I emigrated to the United States fleeing religious persecution in Pakistan. I am blessed and thankful for the freedom and liberties which the U.S. provides to me. Therefore, I find Gov. Abbott’s refusal to accept any Syrian

Originally published in The Austin American Statesman The news of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed being arrested in Irving for bringing a homemade clock to school is disturbing on many levels. The fact that he showed it to his teachers as an accomplishment should have vouched for the fact that it wasn’t

Originally published in Statesman The execution-style murder of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, N.C., is heart-breaking to read about; even worse, however, is the delay and lack of coverage by the mainstream media. Though unfortunate, the muted response wasn’t at all surprising. Had the killer been a Muslim who,

Originally published in The Nation Chapel Hill massacre in North Carolina, where three young students were shot to death on Tuesday was a horrendous incident. To say that they were Muslim,the news would have some weight of discrimination, but the truth is they were. However, the question is has media

Originally published in Statesman   Re: Jan. 8 article, “One held in deadly raid on Paris satirical paper” The targeted and horrific attacks at the office of Charlie Hebdo have shocked us all. No matter how distasteful the satire may be, it does not give anyone the right to kill

Originally published in San Antonion Express.   The tragic loss of children in Newtown, Conn., is heavy on everyone’s hearts. As the parent of a third-grader, my heart wrenches with pain for the parents who will not get to see their children smile again. As a Muslim, I believe that human

Originally published in the Daily Record Last week, while talking to my Christian friend Jim, I felt a sense of pride that after presenting a saying of Muhammad — “Paradise lies under the feet of mother” — Jim replied, “Very beautiful message.” Jim replied to have a Merry Christmas, I