Sajeel Malik

Sajeel Malik

Sajeel Malik is an undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in Cognitive Science with a specialization in Neuroscience. He is currently the West Coast Regional Representative for the Muslim Writers Guild of America and has published in a variety of local and national newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, and the Houston Chronicle. Originally a native of Houston, Texas, he is a basketball fanatic, and he ultimately hopes to become a practicing physician.

Originally published in The Sacramento Bee The merciless murders of three Americans at Chapel Hill, N.C., are troubling. Wait, three Americans? Yes, they were Americans, born and raised, who happened to be Muslim. Whether this brutality was a villainous hate crime, a response to a petty parking dispute or both

Originally published in San Francisco Chronicle  For decades, I have been a die-hard “NBC Nightly News” viewer and as such have repeated information reported by Brian Williams as fact. I am all about forgiveness as I realize that as a regular guy, he is subject to the same kind of

Originally posted in San Jose Mercury News Just miles away from Ground Zero, three Muslim men plotted to leave this country and join ISIL, the so-called “Islamic State.” As a Muslim, news like this is disheartening but it serves as a vivid reminder that radicalization, unfortunately, remains a pressing problem

Originally posted in Contra Costa Times The merciless murder of three Americans at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is troubling. Wait … three Americans? Yes. They were Americans — born and raised. They just happened to be Muslim. Whether this brutality was a villainous hate-crime or a response to a petty

Originally published in Houston Chronicle   Regarding “Police hunt gunman who killed 12 at weekly” (Page A4, Thursday), as a Muslim-American, I condemn the reprehensible atrocities and extend my profound condolences to the families of these victims. While the perpetrators felt that the Charlie Hebdo newspaper had desecrated the image

Originally published in San Jose Mercury News – El Cerrito Journal   Recently, Americans countrywide rang in the New Year with joyful celebrations and came together for the annual struggle to fulfill some ambitious New Year’s resolutions. Starting a rigorous workout regimen for that enviable beach bod? Impressive. Traveling more and