World War I — Drawing parallels from a century ago


Originally published in New Haven Register World War I. When was that? We are so caught up with the problems in the world today that it is hard to believe that the first global war started 100 years ago, in 1914. Put aside present concerns, or better yet, put them in view, and let’s look a century back. I think you’ll be surprised to see major parallels. There aren’t any WWI veterans alive...

Muhammad long ago taught lesson of equality


  As a child my mother used to narrate incidents from the life of the Prophet Muhammad. One of these was that of the Arab chief who was walking by the Prophet Muhammad while he affectionately played with his grandsons. The man told the Prophet that it was not customary for them to show affection to their children and boasted that in his own life he had never kissed any of his 10 children...