Five Race Issues Everyone Needs to Acknowledge


Originally published in Faith Street I remember having to explain to my then three-year-old why the Taliban shot Malala. It was a difficult conversation because he loves Malala, but it was easy to explain why killing is wrong and that the Taliban is evil. The world condemned the Taliban and, thankfully, Malala survived. So when my now-five-year-old asked me why “they” killed Eric Garner, and why...

Parenting Children: Instruction from Muhammad


Originally Published in The Finger Lakes Times My buddy Joseph, whose father’s name is also Joseph, just had a baby. The baby’s name is Joseph. For some unfathomable reason, when the baby’s name was being chosen, “Sardar Anees” wasn’t on the table. Names aside, everyone will agree that a child’s birth ushers in a great deal of happiness – and anxiety. The...