Difference between teachings, actions


Originally published in The Daily Bulletin A May 15 letter states that I should stop my “continual challenge” of Christianity, take heed of the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:3 regarding specks and logs in people’s eyes, and spend my time correcting the “shortcomings” of my own religion of Islam. Any “challenges” I have issued in the form of questioning Christian beliefs have been in defense of the...

5 Differences Between a Catholic Pope and an Islamic Khalifa


More than 30 years ago, when my parents enrolled me in St. Anthony’s, a Catholic school in Pakistan, our neighbors expressed a concern: Will my faith be at risk because of attending a Catholic school? But I experienced no conflict. I noted how the nuns wore a black head cover with a long dress — just like my mother. I observed how the priests were kind — just like my father. I...