Difference between teachings, actions

Originally published in The Daily Bulletin


A May 15 letter states that I should stop my “continual challenge” of Christianity, take heed of the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:3 regarding specks and logs in people’s eyes, and spend my time correcting the “shortcomings” of my own religion of Islam.

Any “challenges” I have issued in the form of questioning Christian beliefs have been in defense of the pure Oneness of God — the foundation of Judaism and, by extension, Christianity. As for “shortcomings,” they do not exist in the religion of Islam but in the Muslims who do not follow or understand Islam’s true teachings. The main purpose of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is to get Muslims to understand and follow the real teachings of Islam. We stand for peace, justice, interfaith harmony and “Love for All — Hatred for None.” This is the real Islam I humbly invite everyone — Muslims included — to understand and embrace.

What passes for Islam these days in much of the Muslim world represents true Islam about as much as the Inquisition and the Dark Ages represent true Christianity.

People who take the time to study the Quran and the life of Muhammad with an open mind and heart can easily realize there is a huge difference between what Islam teaches and what some Muslims choose to believe that Islam teaches. To learn more, call 909-627-2252.

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