On being Muslim-spread happiness


My friend’s daughter spent her 7th birthday in a unique way. Unlike other kids her age who want to decorate their house with balloons, order a giant birthday cake, invite all their friends and expect a lot of presents, she decided to do it differently. There was no party planned at her house that day. Instead she took seven brand new toys (because she turned 7) and gave them to the patients at...

Eid Marks the End of Ramadan – The Crucible of Fasting Removes Fetters of Extravagance


Originally Published in The Santa Barbara Independent “While we should be thankful of being able to fast during the month of Ramadan, we should be particularly thankful of the freedom that we have as American Muslims,” Imam Shamshad Nasir related to a packed congregation in the Bait ul Hameed mosque in Chino, California, during Eid-ul-Fitr. Often shorted to Eid, this celebration is at the end of...