Letter: Comey testimony shows him to be American patriot


Originally Published in The Ambler Gazette To the Editor: I had the opportunity to watch James Comey testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. After watching him I saw a man who was honest, straight-forward, and just. Despite all that has occurred in the last few months, he kept his cool and stuck to the facts, giving the committee all the information that he could give. This reminds...

A year after Osama bin Laden’s killing: Hallmarks of terrorism, so label as such


Originally Published in The Cleveland Plain Dealer One year after Osama bin Laden’s death, terrorism even within our country has not ceased to operate. Just this Tuesday,¬†five young men were arrested in an FBI sting¬†for attempting to bomb a busy commercial bridge outside Cleveland. If successful, the act could have led to death, destruction and fear. Sounds like terror to me. The irony...