5 Facts Islamophobia Deniers Just Don’t Get


Originally published in The Huffington Post In a recent piece, new atheist Ali Rizvi argues “The phobia of being called “Islamophobic” is on the rise — and it’s becoming much more rampant, powerful and dangerous than Islamophobia itself.” While thus admitting that Islamophobia exists in some form or another, Rizvi then cites Sam Harris who contrarily claims...

Get the (Eternal) Hell Out of Islam


Originally published in OnFaith Earlier this month I asked a Muslim friend to help resolve an important question: Does Islam teach that hell is eternal? It started as a simple conversation: “Is God merciful, compassionate, and just?” “Yes, absolutely,” he replied. “Is hell eternal?” “Yes, absolutely,” he replied again. “So, a merciful, compassionate, and just God would send a finite creature with...