Christmas, Ramadan: Holidays with similarities


Originally published in the Tulsa World It’s nearly July, so I feel it appropriate that I should bring your attention to Christmas, or at least what many of my friends label as ‘Christmas for Muslims’. Although some people have a problem with this comparison, and while there are many differences between the Muslim month of Ramadan and Christmas, the true spirit of both these holidays has many...

The benefits of fasting


Originally published in Indiana Gazette   It is July, and, as most of the nation enjoys summer, the Muslim world is enthralled in the spirit of sacrifice and humility as it passes through the holy month of Ramadhan. In Ramadhan Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. The spiritual and mental benefits of fasting are evident, but many are misled to believe that fasting deprives the body of health...

Individual behavior impacts health care


Originally published in The Northwestern Justice is supposedly based on an impartial judicial system of crime and punishment. The world of law and order requires justice to be blind. The most basic principle of absolute justice requires us to overlook our personal interests for the sake of achieving a peaceful society. But when the same principle is applied in certain places within our society...