The benefits of fasting

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Originally published in Indiana Gazette


It is July, and, as most of the nation enjoys summer, the Muslim world is enthralled in the spirit of sacrifice and humility as it passes through the holy month of Ramadhan.

In Ramadhan Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. The spiritual and mental benefits of fasting are evident, but many are misled to believe that fasting deprives the body of health. On the contrary, fasting has many benefits in regard to one’s physical health.

Health experts often associate a sort of internal healing with fasting.

Some have even reported an improvement of a host of minor health issues, from aches and pains even to hearing improvement.

Doctors have been recommending fasting as a treatment since the early 1900s. Disorders such as diabetes, obesity and epilepsy are well known to be combated by fasting.

With all the physical benefits that fasting carries, it is difficult to feel sorry for Muslims as many do. In fact, a bit of jealousy — the same jealousy one feels when seeing another run miles with ease — would be more fitting.


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