What’s in the name Messiah? Identity, meaning


Originally Published in the New Haven Register My name is “Sohail.” Based on my Indian ancestry, my name is pronounced just the way it’s spelled. But because I’m a Muslim and my name is derived from Arabic, it’s technically pronounced “Su-hayl.” Try explaining that to someone on the other line when you’re trying to phone in a rushed order for Chinese takeout. So out of convenience, I will...

Boston bombings and a Muslim identity crisis


Originally Published in The Christian Science Monitor We have seen the pictures of the Tsarnaev brothers. We know their names, and we are learning facts about their lives – one a boxer, and the other a student. But we still don’t really know their identity. And neither did the brothers, as they allegedly planted those bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathonlast week. Or at least, that’s...