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The Origins of Terrorism are Geopolitical, Not Religious


Originally published on Patheos.com Why didn’t we hear the term “Muslim terrorist” or “Jihadist” before the 1980s? Islam has been around for more than 1400 years but “Islamic” terrorist organizations were not to be found prior to 1980. The first Islamist terrorist attack was the bombing of the Tyre Headquarters in 1982. Was Islam different prior to the 1980s or was there some sort of fundamental...

Oppose point of view? Use pens, not guns


Originally Published in San Jose Mercury News As a Muslim, I condemn the horrific attack that occurred in Paris as inhumane and un-Islamic. I express my heartfelt condolences and prayers to the families of the victims. It is very troubling that there has been a rise of such horrific acts being carried out in the name of God and Islam. There is no room in Islamic teaching for such violence. The...

Speaking out against violence


          Originally Published in The State Journal-Register As an Ahmadi Muslim, I condemn the bus bombing near Tel Aviv last Sunday. Islam categorically rejects violence and the taking of innocent lives. The Quran states, “… if any one killed an innocent person … it would be as if he killed all of mankind.” Furthermore, there is no place for vigilante justice in Islam...