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Anti-Sharia Rallies Are Dangerous for America


Just two weeks after a white supremacist went on an anti-Muslim tirade in Portland that ended with him stabbing three men in the neck, anti-Muslim hate rallies are being organized in over 25 cities across the country this Saturday, June 10th.  All are organized by ACT for America, an organization designated as both a hate group and an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. At a time...

Another voice: Islamic World Needs Sound Proven Leadership


The terrible news of four Marines and a sailor shot to death in Chattanooga doesn’t come as a surprise. While details remain sketchy, the story line in similar attacks is all too familiar: A young man born and bred in the West with a seemingly normal life and a future falls prey to an extremist ideology and goes up in flames taking down innocents with him. What little we know about Muhammad...

Muslim-Americans have a religious duty to protect the United States from harm


Several states have appropriately beefed up security at military recruitment centers in the wake of the Chattanooga shooting tragedy. This Muslim-American would add that the best way to counter the threat of radicalization (of any group) is to inculcate the golden values of loyalty and common respect. That’s why a bulk of the youth of my Ahmadiyya Muslim Community joined in parades across...