Of Free Speech, Islamophobia and New Atheism


Originally published in the Huffington Post Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an extreme anti-Islam critic, well known for her bigoted views and dishonest generalizations of the Muslim faith. When she was invited to speak at Yale’s Buckley program recently, some student groups — including the Yale Humanist Community — issued a statement criticizing the invitation. In their statement, thegroup...

Why a Muslim and an Atheist Are Fighting Side by Side


Originally published in the Huffington Post I was born in Pakistan, completed my medical school there and then moved to the United States for higher medical training. I also moved to escape the horrid persecution my Islamic sect — the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community — faces back home. In America, I could enjoy all the freedoms I was denied under Pakistan’s law, most importantly the...

Growing up in post-9/11 America


Originally published in New York Daily News Jamaica Hills: I am an 11-year-old American Ahmadi Muslim. My parents are from Bangladesh, and I am in sixth grade. It has been quite an experience growing up in post-9/11 America with my background. In the fifth grade, every time the topics Islam, Muslims, 9/11 or the World Trade Center were brought up, everyone, including the teacher, would stare at...