An Islamic approach to resolving our racial tensions


Originally published in The Charlotte Observer Social and political upheavals dominate the world news today. Innocent lives, property, and wealth are destroyed each year due to social, political, and racial tensions. According to the Bible and the Quran, this vicious cycle of violence in human society can be traced back as far as the time of Adam when Cain murdered his brother, Abel. Since then...

Islam’s mark on racial equality


Originally published in Las Vegas Sun A white has no superiority over a black nor does a black have any superiority over a white except by piety and good action. These were the words of Prophet Muhammad during his farewell address. He not only taught Muslims to not discriminate based on race, but also showed it from his own example by assigning Bilal, an ex-slave, the critical duty of making the...

Ending prejudices key to stopping racial inequality


Originally published in The Northwestern The Richard Sherman — current cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks — saga was a complete portrayal by the media through the looking glass of Twitter and other social outlets. The excoriation that he received from them labeled him as a thug, a racially biased stereotype of the persona of an angry black man. In his words he described the use of the word...