Islam’s mark on racial equality


Originally published in Las Vegas Sun


A white has no superiority over a black nor does a black have any superiority over a white except by piety and good action. These were the words of Prophet Muhammad during his farewell address.

He not only taught Muslims to not discriminate based on race, but also showed it from his own example by assigning Bilal, an ex-slave, the critical duty of making the daily call for prayers.

Fourteen centuries later, Malcolm X, one of the greatest leaders of the civil rights movement, stated, “America needs to understand Islam because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem.”

We celebrate February as Black History Month, which not only celebrates the contributions and legacy of African-Americans in the United States, but also celebrates racial equality in general.

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Sheheryar Ahmad

Sheheryar Ahmed is currently doing undergrad in Computer Science from the University of Washington. He has served as a producer, director, editor and camera man of Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International. Ahmed also partakes in the Alislam web team, and has serves as secretary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Seattle, WA.

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Avatar photo By Sheheryar Ahmad