10 Fabrications Muslim Leaders Need to Stop Making About Ahmadi Muslims


Originally published in the Huffington Post It is no secret I’ve been critical of Muslim leadership for their deafening apathy and silence over the 125-year worldwide persecution of Ahmadi Muslims. To add insult to injury, every time a new atrocity emerges I’m bombarded with standard anti-Ahmadi talking points in a shameless attempt to justify the violence. Just recently in...

Stop Ripping Pages and Start Reading


Originally Published on The Orlando Sentinel ┬áRegarding the article “Lake man’s effort against textbook with ‘Muslim civilizations’ chapter raises security concerns,” OrlandoSentinel.com, Nov. 6: The hue and cry of the conservatives on this issue is rife with contradictions. The lack of awareness about Islam has led to unnecessary fears and fuels skepticism. Any...

Do #PrayforBoston But Don’t Stop at the Hashtag


Originally Published in the Huffington Post Our hospital’s chapel is typically empty. I offer my afternoon prayers there. Yesterday, as I was hopping from one patient room to another, I saw the dreadful slide of “Breaking News” of the Boston Bombings across TV screens. And even before I knew the death count, my Twitter feed was abuzz with various forms of prayer requests and...