Islam would never sanction bombings


Originally published in The Columbus Dispatch Last April, the Boston Marathon was interrupted by two bombs that killed three people and injured 264. The perpetrators claimed that the bombings were done to protect Islam from the United States. Islam condemns the bombing in every way. In fact, the Holy Quran states: “Whosoever killed a person … it shall be as if he killed all mankind.” The...

If Prophet Muhammad Had His Way, There Would Be No Guantanamo Bay


Originally published in The Huffington Post Sen. Mitch McConnell is guilty on both counts: What he believed to be news was a joke, and what he missed was the real news. It started on Nov. 12, when on The Duffle Blog, America’s John Stewart for the fake and funny military news made an Onion-style joke that the Obama administration was preparing to give the same GI Bill benefits, offered to...