Second coming of Jesus


Originally published in The Daily Bulletin   After the death and resurrection of Jesus (peace be upon him) as believed by Christians, nothing is closer to their heart or more central to their belief than his long-awaited second coming. Biblical prophecies about the second coming have been debated by Christian scholars for centuries. When Jesus failed to reappear at the dawn of the second...

Why are Muslims criminalizing the Qur’an?


Originally published in The Daily Caller Some 1400 years ago the unjust Meccan government criminalized the Qur’an. They arrested, beat, and murdered those who insisted on reading it. Today, another unjust government has criminalized the Qur’an and once again, those who insist on reading it are arrested, beaten, and murdered. Today, as Dr. Masood Ahmad sits in prison for the crime of reading the...

Schools, not drones, can defeat cowardly Taliban


Originally Published in The New York Post and  The Asbury Park Press Now we know what the Taliban are afraid of. Not of drone attacks or bombs, but of books. By their cowardly attack on Malala Yousufzai — a strong proponent of women education — they have indicated to us how we can defeat them. Rather than spending billions of American dollars on drone attacks, we should spend this money to build...