Originally Published in Star-Telegram American extremists returned to media coverage this week by descending on Garland. They wasted no time from their last plots of creating disorder, targeting major American cities like San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and New York City. Each attack on American minds went through without failure. Of

Originally Published in The Press-Enterprise Re: “Gunmen killed at Muhammad cartoon contest” [News, May 4]: The shootings in Garland, Texas, show the ugly sides of extremism on both ends. To promote hateful abuse in the name of free speech is out of bounds, and to counter this with deadly violence

          Originally Published in The State Journal-Register As an Ahmadi Muslim, I condemn the bus bombing near Tel Aviv last Sunday. Islam categorically rejects violence and the taking of innocent lives. The Quran states, “… if any one killed an innocent person … it would be

Originally published in Northwest Herald   “It is the duty of all believers, to whichever religion they belong, to proclaim that we can never be happy pitted one against the other, the future of humanity will never be able to be secured by terrorism and by the logic of war.” Pope