School attack senseless, cowardly


Originally published in The Press Enterprise The horrific killing of at least 132 schoolchildren and nine adults by the Taliban in Pakistan saddens me tremendously as a parent, a Muslim and a son of Pakistani immigrants. There is no place for this senseless violence. It must be condemned in the strongest terms. The Pakistani government must come down hard on these cowards who are an embarrassment...

Christmas, Ramadan: Holidays with similarities


Originally published in the Tulsa World It’s nearly July, so I feel it appropriate that I should bring your attention to Christmas, or at least what many of my friends label as ‘Christmas for Muslims’. Although some people have a problem with this comparison, and while there are many differences between the Muslim month of Ramadan and Christmas, the true spirit of both these holidays has many...

Ashura, a Muslim holiday amid the tinsel and candle lighting


Originally Published on the Hartfordfavs.com     It’s truly “beginning to look a lot like Christmas” not only for Christians but for believers of many faiths!   Although Christmas may not be observed similarly or even called the same throughout Christianity, Islam, or Judaism, its essence is certainly shared by all this time of year.   With Christmas and Hanukkah already...