School attack senseless, cowardly

Originally published in The Press Enterprise

The horrific killing of at least 132 schoolchildren and nine adults by the Taliban in Pakistan saddens me tremendously as a parent, a Muslim and a son of Pakistani immigrants. There is no place for this senseless violence. It must be condemned in the strongest terms.

The Pakistani government must come down hard on these cowards who are an embarrassment to the country and religion they claim to represent. In times like this, people of faith turn to prayer for comfort and a hope for a better future. That is what I will be telling my kids.

Also, on the blessed day of Hanukkah, I would like to wish my Jewish brothers and sisters a happy and blessed Festival of Lights. May this day be a source of joy, reflection and remembrance of our commonalities, rather than our differences, as people of faith. God bless and shalom.

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