Learning about Mandela changed his life


Originally published in Times Dispatch In 2000, I was an ignorant 18-year-old kid. Upon a visit to South Africa 13 years ago this month, I had no idea who Nelson Mandela was. One morning my father and I visited Robben Island. That day changed my life forever. I learned of a man who spent 27 years in prison only for freedom of conscience. I learned of a man whose prison cell was so small that he...

Meet the Muslim Mandela


Originally published in Fox News A recent FoxNews.com op-ed asks,¬†“Where is the Muslim Mandela?”¬†While alleging that such a person does not exist, and that Muslims do not seek such a person, the piece provides a laundry list of injustices done by extremists in the name of Islam — and holds 1.56 billion Muslims responsible. While the piece may have been well intentioned, it has...