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Freedom of speech and sanctity of life must both prevail


  Originally Published in The Washington Post It’s not about a clash of ideologies or a clash of civilizations; it is a clash between two groups of idiots. An Israeli spokesman characterized the alleged filmmaker as “an unspeakable idiot.” Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) described the video as “stupid,” “inaccurate” and “provocative.” It only provided a lame excuse to the other group of...

Violent movie reaction uncalled for, un-Islamic


Originally Published in The Oshkosh Northwestern Last week a despicable movie was released on youtube as a cheap publicity stunt. Following that we saw an array of wonderful trailers of the movie from around the world. We saw trailers of the movie in Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, India, Australia, and Libya. In Libya the promoters of the movie really outdid themselves where they killed the...